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Established in 1889, First Federal Savings Bank has been serving the needs of its customers for over 130 years. First Federal Savings Bank is a Mutually owned bank with 12 locations to serve you. Our corporate headquarters is in Ottawa, Illinois. As a Mutual Savings Bank, we cannot be bought or sold. Our name will remain the same. We are a full service bank that is big on service! With everything from checking to home loans, First Federal has a complete menu of products and services to meet your every need.

What is a Mutual Savings Bank?

Who owns the Bank?

The depositors are the owners of the Bank.

Do depositors have voting rights?

Depositors have voting rights, however, in most cases a depositor signs a proxy allowing the Board of Directors to vote for them.

Does the Bank have stockholders?

No. As a mutual institution, the Bank has no stockholders.

How is the Bank managed?

The Bank is managed by its Board of Directors and its Officers:

Board of Directors:

Laurence E. Bartman
George A. Cary
Thomas B. Cassidy
Tony K. Kensinger
Konni Rodeghier
Michael J. Schmidt
Dena M. Weber
James F. Wright


Konni Rodeghier, President & CEO
Dena M. Weber, SVP, Chief Operating Officer
Leann R. Whitney, SVP, Chief Information Officer
Tracy A. Ritko, VP, Chief Financial Officer
Tracy Tunnell, VP, Chief Retail Lending Officer

Sr. Mgmt Picture

What government agency regulates the Bank?

The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency is the Bank's primary regulator. The Bank is also subject to certain regulations of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Are my deposits insured?

Yes. The basic insured amount of a depositor is $250,000. Deposits maintained in different categories of legal ownership are separately insured. It is possible to have more than $250,000 insurance coverage in a single institution.

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